The Science Academy member  Engin Umut Akkaya and his colleagues’ article  “ Intracellular Modulation of Excited-State Dynamics in a Chromophore Dyad: Differential Enhancement of Photocytotoxicity Targeting Cancer Cells” was on the cover of esteemed Science magazine Angewantde Chemie.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition,vol 54 issue 18, pages 5263, 2015

Dr. Safacan Kolemen, Dr. Murat Işık, Gyoung Mi Kim, Dabin Kim, Hao Geng, Muhammed Buyuktemiz, Tugce Karatas, Prof. Xian-Fu Zhang, Prof. Yavuz Dede, Prof. Juyoung Yoon and Prof. Engin U. Akkaya

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