ICTP-ECAR is establishing an Associate Membership Program. Below you will find all necessary details and further important notes on 2016 activities.

 1) ICTP-ECAR is establishing a new program for Associate Membership and is expecting applications or nominations for this program. Active researchers, aged from 30 to 45, from countries of the region are encouraged to apply. For more information about the program and to access the application form, please use the following link.



2) The Proposal Call for 2016 Activities is open. Deadline is 5 October 2015. To propose an activity, please use the following link.



3) ICTP-ECAR committees are meeting in October 2015. As a part of the Annual Meeting the following colloquia talks will be given. All interested are cordially invited. Please check online for the updates:



Date and time: 8 October 2015, 09:30 – 12:30

Place: Izmir Institute of Technology Campus

Speakers :

Gabriel Aeppli, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Title: TBA

Klaus von Klitzing, MPI-Stuttgart, Germany (Nobel Laureate)

Title: A New International System of Units in 2018!? How my Nobel Prize Contributed to this Development


ICTP-ECAR Administration Office

ICTP-ECAR is a new regional partner institute of ICTP, intended to foster science in the extended Eurasia. It is hosted by IZTECH, Izmir, Turkey.