The Science Academy members Önder Ergönül and Murat Akova are among the editors of “Emerging Infectious Diseases: Clinical Case Studies”, the book awarded the first prize by British Medical Association (BMA)  in public health category. In 2014, 630 medical books were nominated to BMA medical books award, and first prize was given in 20 different medical categories. The first prize winner “Emerging Infectious Diseases: Clinical Case studies” book was edited by Önder Ergönül, Füsun Can, Larry Madoff and Murat Akova. A recent review about the book was published in one of the leading infectious diseases journals, “Emerging Infectious Diseases: Clinical Case Studies is an easy-to-use, extraordinarily informative text that belongs on every clinician’s shelf. A collaborative effort among scientists, clinicians, and public health workers is needed to combat emerging infections. This text was written for clinicians, with the content reflecting interdisciplinary perspectives. It elegantly synthesizes the clinical, microbiologic, and epidemiologic information that is critical for patient diagnosis and for recognizing and mitigating outbreaks.” (Clinical Infectious Diseases, August 1, 2015).  The editors dedicated the book to their students and trainees.

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