Science Academy’s Young Scientist Awards Program (BAGEP)

A top priority for the Science Academy is encouraging the youth to engage in good science, and rewarding the best examples. In order to choose and reward the best young academics and to support them in conducting new studies, an award program was initiated in the year 2013. Science Academy runs this program not with government funding, but with the support of the society at large.

The award-winning young academics are granted  46.000 TL per year for a period of two years to support them in their research. The objective here is to reward the most brilliant and promising young academics with a prestigious grant which will help them further their studies.

Scientists younger than 40 are eligible for the award. Candidates may apply in person for the award. Science Academy members, faculty members, deans and presidents of universities may also nominate young academics.

Each year, Science Academy will announce how many grants will be donated in which branches of science, and post invitations for application.

Young Scientist Awards Program has offered a significant amount of support through its concrete and modular fund scheme. We hope to raise even more funds in the coming years. We encourage your donations, and extend once again our gratitude to all of our supporters who have made or promised a contribution.