Egalitarian and inclusive conduct of scientific research and teaching based on respect is an integral part of scientific merit and academic ethics. In an academic environment, the attitude and behavior reinforcing sexist prejudices, particularly depicting women as subordinate, incompetent and worthless beings is not acceptable. Statements praising, normalizing, and justifying hierarchical pressure, use of physical force and derogatory expressions for any reason have consequences beyond affecting their subjects. These statements toxify the scientific environment by transforming it into one riddled with discrimination, exclusion, intimidation, oppression, or asymmetrical power relationships. It has far reaching consequences in the career choices, including but not limited to complete avoidance of academic environments.

The Science Academy Executive Board is well-aware that the values of academic ethics it advocates for the merit-based science community are not solely limited to scientific research and publication processes, but also include interpersonal relationships in research and education environments as well as how these reflect on the public opinion.

Our academy will take utmost care to safeguard ethical values with this broad understanding; it will continue to evaluate ethical violations and implement practices along these guidelines.


The Science Academy Executive Board – October 5, 2021