You may find below excerpts from The Science Academy  Statement on Astrology (Horoscopes) and Universities:

“According to the basic premises of scientific research and education at the university level, universities have to base their actions in scientific issues on evidence, observation and experiments.

Astrology (horoscopes) is not a scientific discipline.

The claim that groups of stars who seem to be close together when viewed from the Earth although they are actually very far from each other can determine the destiny of humans from this immense distance not only goes against basic common sense, but has also been falsified by countless observations.

Nevertheless, certain universities seem to accept astrology as a scientific discipline and offer certificates and theses on the issue under their umbrella, thus attributing weight and prestige to astrology and creating the public impression that horoscopes indeed have a scientific basis – in violation of the scientific responsibility expected from a university.

We submit this statement to the attention of the presidency of YÖK and concerned universities, and invite them to correct such practices and explain their principles on the matter to the public.”