The Science Academy has elected its first Foreign Honorary Members in its General Assembly on April 21, 2012. These distinguished scientists and scholars were elected for their outstanding contributions to the public understanding of academic values and freedoms in addition to their outstanding accomplishments in science and scholarship. They were prominent in their personal support of the values and traditions of academies during the intervention in the Turkish Academy of Sciences and the process leading to the foundation of the Science Academy. The Science Academy is happy to welcome our Foreign Honorary Members:

Philip Warren Anderson Princeton University
Edouard Brezin Académie des Sciences Française (former President)
Peter A. Diamond Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dagfinn Follesdal Norwegian Academy of Language and Literature, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Philip Kitcher Columbia University
Robert P. Langlands Institute for Advanced Study
Joel Lebowitz National Academy of Sciences, USA
David Pines National Academy of Sciences, USA
 Atta-ur Rahman Pakistan Academy of Sciences (President)
Network of Academies of Sciences of Islamic Countries – NASIC (President)
Academy of Sciences of the Developing World – TWAS (Vice-President)
 Lord Martin Rees The Royal Society of London (former President)
 Sir Adam Roberts The British Academy (Former President)
 Dame Helen Wallace The British Academy (Foreign Secretary)